Recruitment of Reviewers and Translations Reviewers


Journal of Diversity in Learning (JDIL) is a new journal that will be published and is expected to be a place for international scientific publications inviting to become reviews and translator reviewers. Visit our website welcomes you to join us to become part of Honorable Reviewers
Status: Part-time
Working language: English
Work style: Internet-based
Payment: Voluntary work, without payment

Participation in the peer-review process is essential to the success and reputation of the journal. The reviewer along with the editor determines which works are of high quality and are important. Due to its wide readership, the research and scholarships presented will ultimately impact literacy in the classroom, nationally and internationally. The name of the reviewer will be listed on the journal webpage
a). have a master's degree or doctorate in a specialized field that is closely related to the journal;
b). holding a job in a university or academic organization, in a teaching or research position;
c). fluent in academic and professional English;
d). has a strong interest in scientific journals;
e). work quickly and accurately with tight deadlines.

How to register:

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